Monday, 16 August 2010

Hall Cleaning...

I realised, with a terrible feeling of guilt that I have never helped with the cleaning of the Kingdom Hall in this group.  When I was with the other group we did it after our Tuesday night meeting at the Hall. The elder in charge would put a duster in my hand and point me at something and that would be it.  No thought required.   Anyway, Ronaldo et moi are doing it on Wednesday - and as there are only 2 of us, Captain Butterfly has very nobly volunteered to come and help which will make such a difference (he has no religious beliefs, but likes the Witnesses and appreciates the good effect the teaching has on me).  We have to remember to drop the key off afterwards.
Will we?   Will have to pray about it, as I remember the days when they used to make hotel keys so big you needed 6 porters to take them to your room, but we still managed to arrive home with the key in our pocket.
An interesting weekend - we went to Jill and Tom's wonderful rambling cottage for dinner for the first time.  We hope they will come to our flat soon - we have to work out a date to coordinate with Jackie.   Captain Butterfly whisked into his cocoon on Saturday night and emerged early Sunday morning as  Captain Metal Detector and found an old farthing.  Lovely meeting at the Hall, of course.  And I managed to put in an hour plus on the field service afterwards.

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