Monday, 30 November 2015

Flowers in the Storm

1930s Art Deco bridge, Mewsbrook Park
Wonderful waves on the Channel the last 3 days as there is a storm going on.  The Captain and I were out in the storm this morning photographing fungi - and the odd flower that bravely blossomed in the face of it.  It was lovely in the tiny woodland - we could hear the storm roaring but were quite sheltered. Col also took some pictures of the Art Deco shelters in the Park.
Yesterday... think think... it was the Meeting in the morning - a lovely talk about forgiveness, and the Watchtower study... then I went to Waitrose and shopped for both Jacks and us.     Then came back, made a big lamb casserole.  Then I collapsed and did nothing at all.  Apart from a bit of paperwork.

I now have to sit down and tackle my dive thriller. Reading it again, after a year or so, I see a lot of cutting is needed, and I am wondering if I am going to shrink it to a short story. I hope not, but it could happen.

Jane and I were out on the door to door work on Saturday morning and finished our territory with the help of some of our siblings.I think all I did for the rest of the day, apart from get our lunch and tea, was to get some paperwork done and sorted.  I sent a copy of "Old Playgrounds" to Jean, along with a get well card.  And I also packaged up some copies of "Till they Dropped" to send to friends who have requested one.  I am enclosing a little leaflet about the Kingdom of God with the books, as I am explaining that, when i wrote it, I did not know Jehovah's promise that he will "bring to ruin those ruining the earth".

Maggie messaged me this morning asking for a copy so I have one packaged up and ready to post to Bangkok.

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