Saturday, 21 November 2015

In the Early Hours

Up in the early hours of Saturday morning. Bad cold. Worrying about going out on the field service today. And I had a bad dream. Very rare for me these days.  I am angry with myself that I didn't ask Jehovah for help during my dream. The last time I had one, years ago, that is what I did, and the whole thing fell away instantly.

In that dream a cupboard door was opening and something terrible was about to come out. I managed, in my dream state, to ask Jehovah for help, and straight away I saw that all that was in the cupboard was a little old lady, a sweet lady, with a present for me.

Appropriately enough yesterday was a medical day.  My routine visit to my arthritis specialist  - he and his lovely nurse are both very kind and friendly.   It looks like I will be able to stay on this medication - and all seems as well as it can be.   And we also shopped for Jackie - still sick, still housebound.

Our rescue is so close at hand though. So close.  The news... what can I say?  Its sending chills down my spine.   We have been telling people for decades that Bible prophecy says that the political powers turn on the world's religions.  The U.N. will spearhead the attack. I have no idea if we are seeing the beginnings of this at the moment, but what is happening does underline the urgency of the Christian preaching work.

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