Thursday, 26 November 2015


It was so difficult to get myself to the Field Service Group this morning - but I am so glad I did. As Barbara and I set off to my car we passed a gang of scaffolders working away on a local pub.

"Are you our sisters?"  they asked.   It turned out they are all Jehovah's Witnesses.  They were telling us how they set up their own firm to give themselves more time to do the preaching work, but were now becoming almost too busy!

It made a lovely start to our day.  We had both had a struggle with ourselves this morning and we talked about how the batteries run down as you get old.  Barbara came with me to some of my outstanding return visits, and that has helped me so much.  I feel if I can only get out a bit at the weekend and do a few more I will feel as if I am starting to get back on top of things.

The News is sending chills down my spine, and underlines the urgency of the Kingdom preaching work.  

Yesterday I spent the morning with Maggie - and shopped for Jackie on the way back. then went home and collapsed.  And I enjoyed a quiet night in in front of Masterchef and The Apprentice.

Barbara and I were talking about what we were most looking forward to during the Thousand Years. Obviously, most of all the resurrection, and to see our parents again.   And also to be able to care properly for the animals.    I was watching Monkey Business the other night- and Monkey World does a wonderful job, and I hope Jehovah will bless them for it - but the sadness of what some of those animals have been through, often in experimental laboratories, is almost unbearable.

Nothing like that will ever happen again when God's Kingdom rules.

Here is a lovely little poem by Stevie Smith:


In his fur the animal rode, and in his fur he strove
And oh it filled my heart my heart, it filled my heart with love.

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