Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Cakeathon

Its the local Butterfly AGM this Saturday - and, as Membership Secretary I ought to be there to help with teas.  But will I be?  Still down with this dreadful fluey-cold, coughing and coughing and coughing.

I have at least made a fruit cake, so that can go, whether I do or not. And I think on Friday I must make a couple of batches of marmalade muffins. We were a bit short of cake last year as I remember it, and it is not only a fundraiser for Butterflies, but also its nice for people to have a break with a cup of tea and a slice of home-made cake.

The sad thing is though that either way I will miss the Broadcast at the Hall on Saturday afternoon, I can listen to it by myself at home, which is great, but its not the same as listening with my brothers and sisters, in our home (as it were).

Then next Saturday it is the National AGM - a full day out, with butterfly talks and a lunch.   It is a lovely occasion - you could live many lifetimes and not know half of what there is to know about butterflies and moths it seems.  But its also sad, in that, at the Kingdom Hall, we talk and learn a lot about the creation - its beauty and its complexity. But we always always give the credit to its Creator, Jehovah the God of Abraham.    Whereas on the Butterfly Conservation occasions, though we hear of and see many wonderful and beautiful creations, no-one even mentions the Creator, let alone by name.

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