Monday, 2 November 2015

Kenton Cool - and the Circuit Overseer

The Circuit Overseer referenced Kenton Cool and his 11 successful ascents of Everest to illustrate the Public Talk he gave at the Kingdom Hall today.  Once again I was listening in on the phone link, not daring to go anywhere near Maggie, who is so frail at the moment, as I was coughing and coughing.

My ribs hurt.  I have had enough really.

As you may, or may not, know, I am a great armchair mountaineer and me and my sofa have been up Everest even more times than Kenton Cool. (brag brag)  There is hardly an expedition that hasn't towed me up there.   When I write my mountaineering autobiography it will be called: "Everest, the Comfy Way."

Anyway, the point the Speaker was making was about the need for a reliable guide.  Kenton climbs with Sherpa guides, as they are the ones who know the mountain, who know which routes to take.

The subject of the talk was:  Are God's ways truly Beneficial?

And of course they are a safe guide, the only safe guide.   Which is what we are trying to tell you when we come to your door.   That we are all lost, sheep without a shepherd, and we need to find our Creator and get safely to him.  And "the fine shepherd" - Jesus Christ, the head of the Christian congregation - is the safe and reliable guide, who will get us there.

Perhaps the keynote Scripture was Psalm 37:34: " Hope in Jehovah and follow his way, And he will exalt you to take possession of the earth. When the wicked are done away with, you will see it."

His second talk, after the abbreviated Watchtower study was:  "What is Jehovah requiring of you?"

A powerful reminder for each one of us.   We all need to work together in harmony, following Jehovah's instructions.   And I was thinking as I was listening, yes, we can see the results. The preaching work is a mighty engine,  A miracle in itself, it goes on round the world, pretty much 24/7, getting stronger and strong all the time.  And we can choose to be part of it, if we wish. While there will be plenty of teaching to do during the Thousand Years, this current preaching work will never come again.  Why not play a part?

The bonfire is still smoking on the Green.  I meant to look out last night and see if it was still glowing, but I forgot.   Captain Butterfly has just left, off on Long-tailed Blue business - he has taken his sandwich lunch. He is dropping a paper and some shopping in to Jackie, who is still ill and housebound.    And I have the leftovers of the lamb and veggie stew I made yesterday which will just need heating up for supper.  Its tempting to go back to bed.  But I  must at least get on with some studying and housework.  I hope hope hope to be back out on the preaching work tomorrow.

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