Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Hunting the Wild Fungi Herds

bracket fungi
We were following the fungi herds in Arundel Tuesday afternoon - we saw Terry and had a chat.   We found lots - and Captain B is just sorting them out and getting them all identified now - the photos of them I mean.   One of the many things I look forward to in the restored earthly Paradise (IF I am there) is roaming through Woodand in Autumn, gathering mushrooms to eat.

I wouldn't dare do it now, as even the most experienced gatherer can make mistakes - and those mistakes can be fatal.  So, for the moment, we stick to photographing them.

This morning I visited Maggie, and bumped into another sister at a bus stop and gave her a lift to Waitrose. I also posted the books to Maggie (Maggie of Bangkok) and to my old schoolfriend, and the magazines to Dave.  I always have to post them to him as I can never find him at home, and his block of flats has no accessible letterboxes.

Then I walked to the library to take my books back - a marathon - 15 mins there, and 15 mins back - and apart from getting our tea and a bit of studying I have done nothing else and I plan an evening slumped in front of the telly.  Its scary to be so exhausted...

On the Doubleplusgood side, Tom seems to have made a full recovery, and Jackie took herself shopping today - the first time she has been able to for about 2 months.

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