Sunday, 8 November 2015

"In Pursuit of Butterflies" by Matthew Oates

Butterfly David drove us through the pouring rain to the AGM yesterday - my first outing for over two weeks, except for when I went to Waitrose with the Captain to help with a shop for Jackie.

It all went very well - an even bigger turn out than last year -  with two excellent speakers. Michael gave his usual witty summary of the butterfly year in Sussex, and Matthew Oates talked about his new book, a sort of butterfly autobiography, and read us some extracts.  He hadn't brought many copies with him, but the Captain managed to get us one. And I am very much looking forward to reading it.

I was so happy when, during his talk, Matthew said that Paradise is here on the earth.  Yes.  Yes and yes.  Col had to throw a blanket over my cage at that point so I wouldn't spring up and say YES.  Then we were early in the queue and managed to get a copy of the book.

As there was a queue, all I said to Matthew Oates was that I was now tempted to auction his book to the disappointed queue, which he thought was funny. And I said that I loved it when he said the earth was Paradise.   I left it there, but plan to write to him when I have read the book.

I am very very tired now.  But it was my first real outing for a while. And it was a good day.  My fruit cake disappeared to the last crumb - even though we had loads of lovely home made cakes this year. And the raffle prize we bought - a framed copy of a print of the Captain's photo of the Swallowtail also went quickly. So we felt we had made a contribution.

However, I know that no matter how hard so many good-hearted people are trying, we cannot save the butterfly population, or restore the Paradise.   Only Jehovah can do that.  And He will. Which is what i am hoping to be able to tell Matthew Oates when I write to him.  Only he said sadly to me when I told him I loved him saying the earth is Paradise, that, yes, but it is being ruined.

So I hope to be able to show him the promise in Revelation, that Jehovah "will bring to ruin those ruining the earth".

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