Sunday, 22 November 2015

A Soupathon

Arundel tulips - cover for 2016 calendar
Jean and I set off Saturday morning  - a cold and windy morning - I was driving through sunshine and kind of sleety rain - but the sky in the Downland distance was a steely grey snow sky. It made for a wonderful numinous light.  We both talked about what an amazingly lovely earth Jehovah has made for us.

Unfortunately we managed to arrive at the wrong door.  We are in a Field Service Group that meets at different houses, and clearly you need to be a bit more wick than us to work it out right every time. Anyway, rather than blunder about like a pair of confused and elderly moths beating our wings against the wrong doors all morning, Jean asked if we could do some calls instead. Did I have any outstanding calls?

Did I have any outstanding calls?    Does Gladys Knight have Pips?  Is the Pope a Catholic?    So I gratefully accepted her offer, and we moved along my magazine route, plus a couple of return visits of mine and one of hers.   We only found two people in, but had a nice chat at each door.  A quick chat though - it was cold, and the wind was so strong.  It rocked my little car at one point!

Anyway, I am very grateful to have got some more done - feel a lot better now.  After I had taken Jean home, I got back to find Captain Butterfly had flown off into the cold and storm, and was out there, somewhere in the Downland, photographing things.

His 2016 calendar is lovely.  It is his year in Photographs.   You will find it if you follow The Captain's Log link:

After I had had some lunch - toast and a choc ice - I am sure my book "The Toast and Choc Ice Diet" will be a brilliant success if I ever get it written - I went out and got a paper and took it round to Jacks. She was looking a bit better, at last.  And when I asked if she would like some home-made veggie soup, she gave a definite Yes.   So I made two batches, crammed with every veggie in the house, one for Jackie and one for us.  And now, Sunday afternoon, the Captain is delivering it in person. He will then have a short walk to the beach - brrrr.  I am planning to stay in and stay warm. I got to the meeting at the Hall this morning, but am still struggling to get rid of this cold. Got very little sleep last night as I was so uncomfortable.

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