Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Body on the Beach

That sounds like an Agatha Christie mystery, but, when I was out with my siblings on the door to door preaching work this morning, a passer-by told us there was a body on the beach!  And we could see that something was going on down there. The emergency services were out.

However, there is nothing about it on the local news, so hopefully, it was a false alarm.  Perhaps somebody was rescued from the sea?   But it seems clear there was no body.

Which then reminded me of the Beachcomber take on Agatha Christie - in his detective story the whole village plus local police forced are deeply shocked when they find that there is no body in the library. And they begin to investigate as to why nobody has been murdered.

Anyway, I did some door to door work, and a couple of calls. So moved things on a tiny tiny bit.   I spoke to Jacks on the phone and have a shopping list from her for tomorrow. I will call in after my visit to Maggie.  Captain Butterfly has been called away on a Search and Rescue, and hurtled out laden with torches and whistles and yellow jackets and suchlike.

Jackie wants some more soup.  She says the soup I gave her is "the best she ever tasted".  Which is lovely to hear - but... worrying I can't possibly re-create it.   I simply threw every veggie I had at the time into the Morphy Richards Soupmaker (which has to take the credit anyway), so I won't be able to make that exact blend again. I am considering making her a leek and potato tomorrow.  With which earth-shattering piece of news I think I will sign off.   Except  I won't be able to sleep as the Captain isn't here.

He's back!  Thank God.  And wanting a cup of tea.  And, sadly I end this blog where I began it, as while they did not find the missing person, he fears it is now a body search.

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