Monday, 16 November 2015

Autumn and Paris and the Butterfly AGM

Common Beech, Fagus sylvatica
Strange driving through the rain on Saturday to the Butterfly AGM.  It was a grey and rainy day, and we were surrounded by the woods of Autumn - golden leaves thick on the wet ground.    We were listening to the news of the Paris massacres on the radio.  All those lives ended suddenly.  And so many bereaved families.

In spite of the sadness, with the weather being in harmony with the News, it was a very good day. The Butterfly Conservers turned out in force - the venue, the Chobham Hilton was excellent - and the talks were up to the usual high standard.   And somehow Michael Blencowe managed to make a dry subject -"Engaging People in Recording" - the most entertaining of the day.  He had us laughing from beginning to end, and we learnt a lot while doing so.

We got back late and tired - the poor Captain has finally caught the fluey-cold that laid me low and put Jacks in hospital.  So now its my turn to look after them.  I took Jackie in a load of shopping after the meeting yesterday, and am keeping up a regular supply of lemsips, hot drinks and fruit to the wounded Captain. All he seems to want to eat is soup, so I will be providing that too.

The Meeting at the Hall yesterday was excellent - Public Talk and Watchtower study harmonising beautifully - but I was in such pain from my arthritic wrist that it was a bit hard to concentrate.

The post-sixty years would be the best ever, if it weren't for the health issues.   I was thinking of how much I have learned in nearly 70 years - so, IF I am in the restored earthly Paradise, how much will I learn in the next 70?

Especially as Revelation tells us there will be more inspired writings - new scrolls - after Armageddon.   What will we learn next?

I am guessing (and please note that it is just a guess) that one thing we will be told is who is going to be resurrected and when.  IF I am there, I will be looking anxiously for the names of my aged parents.  Obviously I hope all those killed in the latest atrocities will be remembered at that time, and woken from the dreamless sleep of death into an earth truly at peace.

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