Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Climbs with my Couch

We spent Tuesday in Arundel with Sue (ex-expat).  We started the day with a discussion of all our health problems - Sue is also facing the prospect of a Knew Knee.  Oh dear.   Great to see her though, she seems just the same, apart from the problems with walking.

We did the tour of the Reserve - a first for me.    I haven't been able to walk that far for a long time.   It was great - and we saw the Water Vole.   Apparently Captain Butterfly heard it crunching under the bridge!  It was tucking into a tasty reed.

I am busy climbing Everest again, with a Chris Bonington expedition this time.  A very large expedition fortunately, as they have to drag me, my couch, and my cups of tea, all the way to the top - the hard way - via the unclimbed South West Ridge in fact.

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