Monday, 29 September 2014

When the eyes of Blind ones see again...

Here is a beautiful link - just four minutes - in which our deaf and blind brothers and sisters take part in the tract campaign and prepare for the International Convention in Seoul, South Korea.  

They are so valiant.  And remind me that I really must get myself back together and get properly back out into the field.   If they can do so well...  I did do the rest of my route calls bar one today.  I have never been so late with them, but its been a fraught month, plus we have been away.   I was invited in for a chat by Christine, though mainly she wanted to compare operation scars - she too has had a knee done.   And I found Tony at home - he laughed at me a bit as usual, but we also had a long chat as usual.   And he who knows just about everything there is to know (he is astonishingly well read) was surprised by the article on the Syriac Peshitta in the September Watchtower.  I had drawn his attention to it, knowing it would interest him, and it really did as he said he hadn't even heard of it.    "I will read this" he said, as I said goodbye and trudged off into the rain.  Which was only a tiny rainshower, before I get too pathetic.  And left a lovely numinous light in its wake.

I will link the article in case anybody would like to read it:

Sue - exPlanetExpat - will be meeting us in Arundel tomorrow for lunch.  She is down for the day. Clearly there is an Aramco vibe vibrating through the ether - we are suddenly seeing, or hearing from, so many old colleagues.

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