Saturday, 25 October 2014


Yesterday was a cookery day - made the marinade for the chicken - and made the hot tomato chutney. I also shopped, posted the Butterfly stuff, and did a couple of loads of washing.

The dahl and the bhajis will have to be done today and I must start my magazine route calls this weekend.  Mark rang about some star-gazing going on on Kitthurst Hill last night, but neither of us felt equal to it. A sad landmark, as Captain Butterfly is usually equal to anything.

I do remember an evening in Dhahran though when we were watching for - was it Halle's comet? or that other one?  - through a large telescope in the desert.   What I remember is seeing the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters. They were like jewels sparkling in space - joyful and awe-inspiring.  If  I hadn't already known there was a Creator, surely I would have known it then.

Was hoping to be out on the field service this morning, but it looks like I will have to go tomorrow. To my amazement the parking spaces in our flats are already filling up!  And if I go off in the car there may not be a space for me when I get back.  This is the only day of the year we have ever had a problem parking -  but its not usually a problem till late afternoon.  Amazing.   A few years ago, I could have walked to Sue's, but while I probably could just about do that now, it would leave me fit for nothing else.  And I have to be on my feet cooking.

Still uncertain about numbers tonight. One guest has been rushed into hospital - very worryingly...  and two more will be here, but we are not sure when - for supper, or after, just for the fireworks.

Talking of comets has reminded me of a Thomas Hardy poem.  He certainly realised how short our lives are now.

The Comet at Valbury or Yellham
Thomas Hardy


It bends far over Yell'ham Plain, 
         And we, from Yell'ham Height, 
Stand and regard its fiery train, 
         So soon to swim from sight. 


It will return long years hence, when 
         As now its strange swift shine 
Will fall on Yell'ham; but not then 
         On that sweet form of thine. 

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