Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Jolly Roger

Tony told me, on the doorstep, as I delivered his October Watchtower and Awake yesterday, that the reason for the design of the Jolly Roger - the skull and crossbones flag - is probably a religious one - something to do with the amount of bones needed before someone can be resurrected(?).  It sounds like it might have been the result of a: How-many-angels-can-dance-on-the-head-of-a-pin debate within Christendom.

I looked it up on Wiki and there seem to be different accounts of its origins, but there is a clearly a religious angle.  Anyway, its a frightening symbol, not something that would draw me to it.

It also got me thinking - both brain cells at full stretch - about the resurrection. Because, as a Catholic Convent school girl, in theory, I believed in it.  Yet what did I suppose it was for?  If we all went off to heaven, or hell, or to eons of torment in purgatory to fit us for heaven (?!) when we died, as we were taught, then what was the resurrection for?

It never occurred to me to ask. The answer would almost certainly have been "Its a mystery".   But when I was shown what the Bible says about death, it all made sense.   I had realised, after I had my first anaesthetic (when I had my tonsils out) that death must be unconsciousness, but it wasn't till nearly 30 years later till two Jehovah's Witnesses knocked at my door and showed me these words from the Bible on my shelf.

"As for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all." - Ecclesiastes 9:5

To live again, we need to be woken from that dreamless sleep. To be resurrected, or re-created.

People need to know the truth more urgently than ever.  So I must get myself back out on the doors again.   Its proving a struggle.   Anyway, I did get out for an hour yesterday to forward my route calls.  And I managed a couple of calls on Sunday afternoon.  Apart from Tony though, I am not finding anybody at home.

The bonfire and fireworks were spectacular this year. And there were five of us to feed.  I had plenty - everyone was able to have second helpings.  If there is a get together next year though, I will keep it simpler, just make a big shepherds pie.

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