Monday, 6 October 2014

The Autumn Sunrise

Captain Butterfly has to leave early this morning, on his Course, so we were up watching the beginning of the morning - heavy black clouds with a crimson edge. The sky is now becoming pinker round the edges, and as the wind gets up, there are white horses on the Channel.  Its so lovely.

I don't know how Jehovah could have made it more lovely than He has.

Jacks treated us, me, the Captain and Tom, to a beef bourguinon (which I hope I have spelt right) with mashed potatoes, sprouts and courgettes - followed by a selection of cheeses, and a lemon tart. She provided a goats cheese for me, and yoghurt as an alternative to cream.  I find that cream flares my arthritis up - and leads to hours of intense pain.

What a good friend she is.   Once again we all had a collection of ailments to discuss - children of Adam that we are - but we did cheer each other up.

That was Saturday night.   And the meeting at the Hall yesterday was so comforting.   Maggie is back from her travels to save me a seat next to her.  The talk was about the urgent necessity of paying attention to Bible prophecy.  For all my years of churchgoing - both Catholic and Protestant - I had never even heard of the Seventy weeks prophecy in Daniel until I began to study the Bible with my local Jehovah's Witness congregation.  And yet that alone should and could tell us that what Jehovah says, he means. And that what he says he will do, will come about without fail.

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