Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Climbing Butterfly Mountain

Yesterday I climbed a paperwork mountain.  With no Sherpa support. And no oxygen.  There must have been another recruitment drive as there were a lot of new Butterfly members to process. Me and my knees plan to stagger down to the Post Office today (if and when it stops raining) and get all the membership packages posted.  I hope my young surgeon provided extra scaffolding in view of these increasing memberships.

We had a couple of violent thunderstorms yesterday.  The sky went really dark and then WOW.   Thankfully Captain Butterfly got back from his Course just before it all started.  But he has had to drive off this morning in thunderstorms and torrential rains.   He just rang me to say he had arrived safely and was having his first cup of tea.

Well...  I am trying to think of some excitement and drama with which to fill my blog. Though I should be grateful - and am grateful - that there is none.  A calm life and a routine is what I love.

Perhaps I could borrow a sensational Beachcomber headline to liven things up?

He headlined:


And underneath he wrote:  "The story to fit this sensational headline has not turned up yet."

Its the final of the Great British Bake-off tonight.  THE FINAL OF THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE-OFF!

Now that is a worth a sensational headline, in anybody's money.  I am really looking forward to it.

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