Friday, 10 October 2014

An Autumn Garden

I was thinking again today of how our first father Adam opened his eyes in an Autumn Garden. The gardens at the Wetland Trust are so lovely, even now, with the serpent still in the garden.
Common Evening-Primrose, Oenorthera biennis
We lunched there - sweet and sour chicken for the Captain and his Mrs (which seems a bit insensitive now I come to think of it - it is a wildfowl trust...) and Terry, who joined us, had baked potato.
We spent a couple of hours in the sand martin hide, but the kingfishers proved elusive today.

I did my Watchtower study - encouraging and helping us to get out there and tell people what they urgently need to hear. The horsemen of Revelation are riding harder than ever it seems. Ebola is raging in some African countries, and nowadays with the world so small, it may well be raging worldwide in no time.

We need to remember that the Rider on the White Horse - Jesus Christ - is also riding, and that he will soon take action.    When the Kingdom of God is ruling over us, "no resident will say 'I am sick'".   People need to know there is real hope for us.

And we won't be killing and eating the animal creation then - and they won't be killing and eating each other.  The world will be Paradise.

Its lovely enough now.  How lovely will it be then?

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