Monday, 20 October 2014

Born to be Mild

It seems I was born to be middle-aged (though the words: "Don't you mean elderly?" just appeared in a thought bubble above the Captain's head).   We are not long back from an evening at the Wetland Centre - a talk with slides about RSPB Reserves, with an interval for a nice cup of tea and a biscuit - and it seemed an almost perfect night out to me.  And always would have, I think.  I have never been a disco/nightclub sort of girl.

We saw the beauty and the complexity of the creation through a lovely talk with excellent photographs.  The Speaker said how amazed he was by the cuckoo brain, by the programming that enables it to travel so far and so accurately - that enables it to recognise another cuckoo (it was not brought up by cuckoos), the way that its egg will mimic that of the host bird.    But, sadly,  this was without any acknowledgment of the Creator, Jehovah.

We often discuss the creation at the Kingdom Hall, but we always  acknowledge and thank its Grand Creator.

I do wonder too about the cuckoo in the nest - it doesn't sound like a Paradise arrangement...  so what will the cuckoo do in Paradise?  Make its own nest?  Rear its own young?

I hope we are all there to find out.

Talked to Linda today - her life is rather complicated at the moment. And we may see her Saturday night, or we may not.   At any rate I have to provide enough curry for 2 extra, as she will not be on her own if she comes.

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