Monday, 13 October 2014

The Team of Sue and Sue

The team of Sue and Sue were out, working one of the new estates. Its one that doesn't appear in my map book - must see if they have an updated version in the Stationers now - the last time we worked there - four of us - our second road eluded us.

As it was, on our Saturday street, the numbers were all over the place.  And so were we, trying to find them (we were working with a  list of not-at-homes).  I say "street", but of course there was not a "street" to be found. They were all "close" or "crescent" or "ride" or "chase". And so language continues to lose its meaning.

And I often wonder if the whole business of the academic deconstruction of language (insofar as my rusty brain can understand it) is to blind people to the clear and simple message in the Inspired Scriptures.

Isn't human language a big problem for Darwinists?  Under the theory of evolution, it should have started with grunts and become more complex.  Yet isn't our linguistic history the exact opposite? The early languages are immensely complex and beautiful, but we are heading into the world of Newspeak and the gutter grunts of some movie scripts.  Which is in harmony with the Genesis account of a perfect start, and a continuing fall from that perfection.

Our Watchtower this month has a lovely article telling people what the Kingdom of God is, according to the Inspired Scriptures, and, on page 6, it lists the wonderful things promised for the earth then. And the public talk yesterday gave a great reinforcement. It was about the importance of listening to the prophetic word. And the speaker went through some of the prophecies about the coming of the Messiah - how specific they are, how they were fulfilled to the last detail.

So there is every reason to trust the Bible when it tells us what is going to happen next.

Jackie came for a curry supper:  marinated chicken, a dahl, a hot tomato chutney and rice. And of course along with it we had the small small things: Uncle Butterfly's home made date chutney, bananas in lemon juice, and Patak's hot lime pickle.  It all worked together well.  We had Lidl's trifle for dessert.

The thunderstormy weather seems to have gone and it was suddenly quite cold on Sunday morning.  Its raining today and the Channel is now completely calm. There is a valiant dog walker on the Green.

The Ebola crisis is worsening.

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