Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Sea, The Sea

The Channel was so lovely yesterday - the sea full in - the water like blue glass - and a procession of little racing yachts with sparkly white sails making a clockwork toy progression across it.  And we had a classic sky above it - a joyful blue with fluffy white clouds.

Carol and I delivered my talk - and the brothers had moved the furniture for me so that I could approach the stage via the slope not the stairs. That confused the next brother coming up to give his experience of years of working for us all at the Haysbridge Assembly Hall, and he entered the stage the wrong way, and had to re-enter. Which made me feel rather guilty.

However, at least I cheered someone up. As I began my marathon backing-my-car-out-of-the-non-existent-KH-carpark, a brother who is disfellowshipped (and who is coming to meetings, so who will surely soon be reinstated) was coming out the door, looking a bit down.  As I drove triumphantly off at the end of all my backing and filling I noticed he had a big smile on his face.

We had our usual lovely evening with Jacks - lasagne, salad, cheese, and an apple strudel with ice-cream.  And lots of laughing about the plights of old age - though not one of us feels old.  Its just our bodies seem to.  We all find life more wonderful and interesting than ever.  But, as the Inspired Scriptures tell us, we were made to live forever, after all. And the world, even now, cut off as we are from our Creator, is full of beauty and wonders.

I hope that Lee Rigby, the young soldier who survived Afghanistan to be hacked to death on the savage streets of London, will wake up to see it all again when the time comes - along with all those killed and being killed in the current Crusades in the Middle East.

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