Thursday, 9 May 2013

Knew Knees

Long session at the hospital yesterday.  Two full knee replacements required.  But waiting list 6 to 8 months - plus a scary discussion of health complications and hazards of operation for me - all very depressing.

A plus is that we like the Surgeon very much - and he has treated many Jehovah's Witnesses, so he has no problem with bloodless surgery.

The woods are full of bluebells at the moment - and I won't be able to do any bluebell walks this year.  Maybe next...?

How quickly life goes.

The plumber is back, doing something mysterious in our gutted bathroom so that the plasterers can come back and finish their work.  Jackie kindly babysat the workmen while were at the hospital.  I now need to get started on my magazine route calls - but I also have a talk to write as I have a part in the Ministry School this month.

Captain Butterfly has got some wonderful Orange Tip Nectaring on Bluebell shots that will be appearing in his next blog, I hope.

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