Monday, 6 May 2013


Feel very anxious today- no wonder my blood pressure is up. The thought of the coming visit to the surgeon, the possibility of operations and above all the thought of being in hospital for at least five days is keeping me awake at night and stressed out during the day.  I feel too old and ill to cope with being in hospital.

The weather is in sympathy with me this morning as a sea fret has replaced the English Channel.

On the bright side, I got to the Meeting on Sunday.  We were discussing Paul's image of the runners in the race, and being given wonderful practical Biblical advice on how to keep running in the race for life, how to pick ourselves up and keep going.  And one thing that can stumble us and make us inactive can be health issues.   And don't I know it.  I didn't get out on the doors once last month and won't this. I am still keeping a witness going, but it is not what it should be.

And we had supper with Jacks on Saturday. She cooked us a lovely roast chicken dinner, followed by lemon meringue pie. And we had a laugh over all the horrors of ageing. And admitted that we would not be young again, unless we could go back then knowing all that we know now.

But that of course is what the Bible is promising.  Well more, as it is promising us perfect health and life, right here on the earth. Which is something we, the children of Adam, have never known. We are born imperfect and dying.

We heard from the Oz branch - musical news, with soundtrack.  And today we must get the house ready for the Bathroom guys, who arrive tomorrow.

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