Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bathrooms and Butterflies

Our bathroom has been taken out - there is nothing but bare walls and a lot of dust.  The plasterer arrives tomorrow (we hope).  Jacks is house-sitting as its hospital day, and we will bring us all back something for lunch.

Captain Butterfly set off after lunch in pursuit of the Duke of Burgundy.   That is a butterfly, not a Lord of the Realm - this is not a civil war situation, with Captain B joining the Roundheads.  And I spent my afternoon with butterflies - but butterfly paperwork, alas, as the second batch of April memberships arrived this morning.   Anyway, its done, dusted and the membership packages are ready to go.

Audrey phoned 3 times, so I spent the rest of the afternoon talking to her about various things.

We have just enjoyed the new Apprentice, and don't think that Jaz should have been fired.

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