Friday, 3 May 2013

Ted & Sylvia

Yesterday I drove myself to the doctors - usual blood tests - and came back via the library. There was a disabled space vacant so I parked up and walking-sticked myself in thinking I would just get 3 books - can't carry any more - and to my amazement, I found "A Lover of Unreason", (by Koren & Negev), the biography of Assia Wevill - the other woman in the Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath marriage/suicide tragedy.

I have been reading both the Stephenson and Hayman biographies.

How important it is to take marriage seriously - to regard it as something sacred. And what tragedies can result when we don't.

The meeting was great - the teaching just gets better and better.  It was the oral review.  And Charles was pleased with our answers. Clearly we have been keeping up with our studies. And I got a new blood form from Martin - if I am to be facing some operations, I need a current one I think.  And he has asked me to keep him updated so that the brothers will be on standby to help if anything happens.

Jehovah's command not to take blood was given to Noah after the flood, and hence to all mankind.  And I do wonder if we had remembered it, would we have been more able to see how sacred all life is, including animal life.

Which brings me back to Ted and Sylvia, and the suicides.   If they had known...

A housebound day - after my outings of yesterday.  All I seem to have achieved is to have done my studying for the day, and made a batch of marmalade muffins for lunch-box purposes. Though I notice they seem to be disappearing rather fast.

Do we have mice?  Or is it a Butterfly?

The cousins yahoo group is full of news of babies currently being hatched, so the Nabbs family marches on.

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