Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Paperwork - and I become a Moth-er again

Muslin Moth, Diaphora mendica
First batch of May butterfly members hatched, dispatched, and sent on their papery way. It took longer than usual though as I had a slight problem with the computer and had to enter everything twice.

I also did my studying for the day, and went through tomorrow's talk a couple of times with Carol.

Plus a trip to the Supermarket - Waitrose - which exhausted me.  They do have lovely customer service though. As the Captain was putting our shopping away and I was struggling into the car, sounding like a champion lady tennis player in the Wimbledon Final (lots of grunting and groaning) an employee appeared, took Captain B's trolley and helped me into the car.

Our plumber reappeared and did a great job - the bathroom may be finished tomorrow . Then there is a vast dusting job to do.

I am a moth-er again. We have a white moth baby with a lovely fluffy stole - its called a Muslin Moth I believe - being photographed by Captain Butterfly even as I type this.   In the way of moth photographs, this will probably be its baby/kindergarten/graduation/retirement photo.

Mind you, at the moment our own lives don't seem so very much longer.

The news is unspeakable.  A soldier has been hacked to death - it sounds like he was beheaded - on the streets of London in broad daylight.

The increasing of lawlessness...

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