Tuesday, 14 May 2013

More Medical Matters

Or is it all too boring? But this is my internet diary and I need to know what and when. On the plus side, got to the Clinic early and got seen straight away.  Doctor, new to me.  Very blunt, not much of a bedside manner.   But as Mrs.Captain B, I can take that.  I would rather know where I stand. And you always know where you stand with the Captain. You may not always like it, but you know.

Anyway, back to the surgery.  People are outliving their joints -  knee replacement very serious operation - but given that you have lived too long you will have to face it (I paraphrase, but not all that much).  He laughed at my jokes. I laughed at his.  Did I understand the position re my thyroid - showing me the chart - yup, I spoke of it in terms of that very vivid dream I had years ago in Saudi that I realised was about my new thyroid medicine - he was surprised but said that, yes, that was exactly it. So more blood tests before any decisions taken there.

Same same with blood pressure. He showed me my graph - how my bp shoots up to the "Explode the Machine" indicator when taken anywhere medical, but goes down to "Pretty much Normal" when taken at home.  Which faithfully reflects my fear of all medical procedures. And my love of home.  So more tests and then another appointment.

It shows how true Inspired Scriptures are. They told us, thousands of years ago, that "a calm heart is healing to the bones".

How does anyone find time to be bored in retirement?!

Plumber here - tilers to come this afternoon, probably.  Its overcast and windy - not butterfly weather.  Looking forward to meeting tonight.  Thank goodness the kind Captain will take me, as my knees are as more painful than ever this morning.

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