Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Captain Butterfly paled

"What is that appalling racket?"  I crabbed.

"A nightingale singing. I recorded it today" said Captain Butterfly smugly.

"Ah - of course, what I meant was, What is that gorgeous sound trilling from your computer?"

After we had shopped - a slow business with me in tow - we lunched and he set off "to find those nightingales again".

"Bring back enough for a pie". (That would be about 500 I should think).    You will be glad to know he didn't, and we had salmon salad. Though when I think of those valiant salmon heading upstream against all the odds, I don't feel good about eating them either.

The world is so wrong at the moment.

Another housebound day. The sea was lovely. Lilian, from further down the coast, rang me, and we had a long talk. She and Dave hope to drive over for lunch one day - I have to let her know how the trip to the Surgeon goes. And of course  I had a chat with Audrey, who wanted me to print off another copy of the notes from the Haysbridge Convention for Jackie's daughter.

I am enjoying the new series of Masterchef, and I think that Natalie will win.  Looking forward to finding out tomorrow night, or rather, on Friday morning on IPlayer, as its the meeting tomorrow night.

My study today has reminded me how important it is to stress that the incoming Kingdom of God is ruling from heaven now.  It has subjects all over the earth - more and more every week - and will soon act to remove the wicked.

We all "study war no more" - and are being drawn back into one loving family, which is what Jehovah has always intended the human race to be, and what it will be.

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