Monday, 13 May 2013

A Bad Knee Day

Knees especially painful today - read terrifying brochure about knee operation - with graphic picture of how old knees become new knees - they will make the cybermen look quite cosy.   Captain Butterfly lived up to his name and flew off to Rewell Wood with a batch of sandwiches - I studied on the balcony - and made tea for the plumber - who turned up late due to plumbing emergency - made a start on my magazine route - albeit a tiny one - talked to Audrey - we reminded each other that there will be a meeting tomorrow night as it is the Circuit Overseer's visit.  We are having a DVD rather than a talk tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it. We had Abel & Cole pasties for our tea, with veggies. Nute coming on Thursday hurray.

I have found a very interesting new blog:

I have been re-reading Helen Forrester's books ("Twopence to Cross the Mersey" and the sequels) about her childhood in the Liverpool of the 1930s. I hope we are not heading back to that. The Welfare State is a very recent creation. However I also know that, as the Hebrew Scriptures warn, "it does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step".

We have not solved the problems of poverty - and we never will. But the incoming Kingdom of God, the heavenly government, will - more wonderfully than we can now imagine.

Just think of what Jesus did when he was on the earth. And he is the annointed King of Jehovah's Kingdom.

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