Thursday, 7 April 2011

What did I do yesterday?

...  help... this is supposed to be my diary... as I can no longer manage to write much more than an address on an envelope...   Oh yes, I did send off a reply to a question about my tax code from the Taxman him/herself (the letter didn't make that clear).

I tried to do it by phone, but its a Kafkaesque nightmare.   If you want such an such, press 1: if you want such and such, press 2; and so on for lots of numbers.  You press the one you think is right.  It starts again.  If you want (a slightly different) such and such press 1; if you want a (slightly different) such and such, press 2; etc etc.   And so on.

After a while, I pressed a number which got me out of that particular nightmare, but that led me into a seemingly endless loop of repetitions of "Your call will be answered soon".

So I had to send a written message by the London Stagecoach - in fact the Bradford Stagecoach if I am remembering right.  Hopefully no Highwayman will interrupt its journey, and my carefully sealed scroll will convey its precious message to the Taxperson.

That didn't leave me a lot of time and energy but I did two loads of washing from our hols, plus the ironing.  A good drying day, as today will be.  So you will gather from that it was (and is) a sunny day.  Plus we did a big shop.

I am trying to source the ingredients for some proper Thai cooking, as I have promised Thai for the next Tom and Jill evening.   I used to cook a Thai buffet for my fellow expats, but that was many years ago, and the ingredients were easy to find.

I also finished the A.N.Wilson biography of C.S.Lewis.

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