Saturday, 9 April 2011

An invitation

Audrey and i went out yesterday morning delivering invitations to The Memorial of Jesus death on the 17th - which will be held at your local Kingdom Hall - after sundown.

All are welcome.

And last night Jacks cooked a lovely roast pork dinner for Tom, Jill, and us.

My arthritis was so bad during the night that I felt feverish, and thought for sure I wouldn't be able to get out on the doors this morning, but I did manage it.  Jean and I did nearly two hours, delivered  many invites to the most important night of the year - and had some interesting conversations.

People are troubled by what is happening - and are wondering who or what they can put their faith in.  We met a lovely lady who is looking after her husband who has Alzheimers.  That is a 24/7 occupation and a harrowing one.  She is not young or in good health herself.  She would like me to deliver the magazines next month which I will feel privileged to be able to do.

And we met a couple of young lads from Liverpool who were doing up an empty house.  "We can't come love, we're going back to Liverpool the day after tomorrow".

But we gave them the invite anyway to read.  It says on the front:  "JESUS "Takes away the sin of the world.""

"I wish he would", said the young lad with real feeling.

We are trying to assure people that he will.  And that Jehovah will restore the earth to Paradise, and obedient humankind to perfection.

How wonderful it will be if suddenly more people are going to listen, even in such well-worked territory as this.

Captain Butterfly had his treasure hunting hat on today and set off early with his box of sandwiches.  He will be leaving even earlier tomorrow, with another packed lunch and his Rescuer Hat on (People not Whales this time).

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