Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Her Indoors

I have been Her Indoors again today - resting my legs and feet from the rigours of last week - while Captain B has been flying around various butterfly sites photographing newly hatched flying things.   And now I have been so busy watching "Britain's Best Dish" that I have overcooked the baked apples for our tea.

Audrey and I went out yesterday, on territory new to us both.  We and 4 others worked three little closes that I didn't even know existed.  There wasn't enough territory for an hour so Audrey and I did half an hour, and, while the others went off on return visits we went to Sainsburys as Audrey need to get some things in, and she doesn't drive.

David, an internet friend from Oz, has got in touch again and we are in discussion.  And I sent off a third email to Anne on The Cape as a continuing answer to her questions about whether or not Christians are required to tithe.

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