Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding Effect

Amazing!   I went to the Supermarket after Audrey and I had been out on the doors.  Usually the car park would be so full by late morning on a Friday that I wouldn't even try - but I thought given the day, there would be spaces.


There were only about 10 cars in the whole place.  And no queues at the CheckOut.

And Audrey and I found nearly every one of our magazine route calls at home.  They didn't want to talk much as we had called them away from the wedding on the telly, but they were at home.

The Monarchy still has a lot of power and magic about it.

I watched a few minutes.  Nice frock.  All very understated, which I liked.

But the religious side of it is very frustrating for me.  It seems that the Church of England had the whole world listening in.  What an amazing opportunity that would have been to tell people something of what the Bible actually says.

Col is off wearing his Captain Butterfly hat doing his butterfly surveys.  He has a new computer now, to which quite a bit of yesterday was devoted.   I did next to nothing yesterday, as I was pretty much seized up by the arthritis.   But I did have a walk in the woods - to the Butterfly Glade - on Wednesday evening (I think).   More of a sort of zimmer through the woods really, but at least I went.

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