Saturday, 23 April 2011

Buttterfly Courtship

It only dawned on me on Friday that it was Good Friday.  So I have no chance of seeing the arthritis nurse till well into next week.  That may be why they didn't get back to me as promised. They have all gone on their holidays.

Captain B came back with some amazing photos.  And he gave me a startling demonstration of the butterfly courtship that he witnessed - with lots of whirring wings and growlings.

Can that be right?

Anyway a picture of the lovely lady who was being courted - a Miss Pearl Bordered-Fritillary - is now gracing my blog.   Hopefully she is "Mrs" by now.

Bea is coming to stay in May.

Louise and I went out on the preaching work Thursday afternoon and we did the not-at-homes from the little closes that we did on Tuesday.  We did find some more people at home.  It was the meeting in the evening - wonderful teaching as ever, but I felt very tired and was in quite a lot of pain.

Jackie is back.  Hurray!  We spent the evening with her catching up with all the news.

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