Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Royal Wedding

Jean just pointed out to me that on Friday people will be glued to their tellies watching THE Wedding.  Or that at any rate is what is expected.

Should Audrey and I go out on the door to door work as planned?    I think we probably should as we may find people at home and nobody has to stop and talk to us if they don't want to.  They can get straight back to the wedding with barely a moments interruption if that is what they want.

I won't be watching much of it myself, except, as I am a girly, I expect I shall want to see  what the bride is wearing.

I just hope they can keep all safe and secure - these being very difficult and stressful times.  As the Bible says, we live in "critical times, hard to deal with".

Audrey and I did 45 minutes out yesterday - working near the Station.  Not many at home, so we finished our territory and then went and found Audrey her new alarm clock.

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