Saturday, 2 April 2011

Barking mad

Ollie told us in no uncertain terms how he had missed us during the day - and the noble Captain took him straight out for a walk.  It was a long lonely day for him, but we won't be going out again while on Sitting duty.

We drove over The Snake to visit Bea.  We are impressed by the new bungalow.  It is almost picture perfect, but still awaits its new garden, which starts to arrive over the next few weeks.  I do rather envy the brand new kitchen and bathroom.

We went to the Hare and Hounds for lunch, and had dessert and a cup of tea at Bea's after.  Simon and family joined us.  We then drove back over a sunny Snake to rescue Ollie from his loneliness.

Driving the Snake pass brings back such memories of my parents and my childhood... we used to drive over it so often to our childhood Paradise of Nabbs to visit granny.   We went out into its foothills on sunny Sunday afternoons, to picnic, to pick whinberries - and for icy walks along its moor tops on winter days.  The Captain and I drove out to its pubs for lunches on Sundays when we were a young married couple.  And now, hopefully, we will be adding a fresh layer of memories as we drive over to see the family in Romily.

What will it be like to be in the Paradise earth and have maybe 2,000 years of memories behind us - all so happy?

I hope and pray we will be there to find out.

The apple crumble for tomorrow is made and I am wondering if I can face tackling the dahl now - or shall I do it tomorrow?

On that note of sizzling suspense, I will close my blog for today.

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