Monday, 28 February 2011

With Beboy's mum to Cissbury Ring

A new Kingdom Hall

We had a presentation at the Kingdom Hall Saturday about the plans for a new Hall.  Members of the Regional Building Committee had come down to talk to us about it and to show us the plans.   Not only is our building now quite old, but its too small. We are bursting at the seams.  Especially for the yearly Memorial of Jesus' death when the congregation seems to double.  So it seems we will go ahead.  But we now have to raise the money.
With Beboy's mum to Cissbury Ring
We went on a very muddy walk to the top of Cissbury Ring today.  Beboy's young mum came with us. She is over from the Phillipines on a visit  The rest of the family - Beboy included - have not come with her.

We saw the lovely view of the Downland from the top, and found a ladybird which is starring in today's Captain's Log.

We were talking about Ubai's homeland and it made me think about our trips to the Far East, so I thought I would add a poem.

by me (many years ago)

Banana palms fruiting
Machinery chugging
Behind corrugated fences
Coconuts lying redundant 
On the grass
Bright butterflies
On clear blue skies
A long wait for the Sheik
Who talks and talks
Hours go by
In the grassy dark of palms
the thin white cat
Eats duck I bought

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