Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sue times two

T he team of Sue and Sue were out on the door to door preaching work this morning.  It was pouring with rain so we did return visits   Even that made us very soggy, but it was good driving practise for me.  Living in the Middle East for so long, I have had little practise with rain driving.  I was able to deliver the last of my February magazines to lovely Dave, who said we had only just caught him as he was off to bed after a night shift.  He said he was sorry to have missed us the last two times.

Talked to Bea, who is in the throes of her move.

There is an apple crumble in the oven awaiting the wandering Captain's return this evening.

It is so sad to see the troubles in the Middle East, and that they are now extending to the lovely little island state of Bahrain.   We have  many happy memories of Bahrain.  I am  thinking about sitting out there on the terrace of one of the lovely hotels, looking out over the palm trees and the blue water, and sometimes pink flamingos.  And thinking - all this, in February!

The Captain went pearl diving there one time, and bought me back a tiny pearl.

People need to hear what we have to tell them so much.

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