Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A John Clare February

It was a John Clare (the Poet) February Tuesday.  The sun was shining, melting the frost of the night, and green shoots seem to be springing up everywhere.
It was Hall cleaning yesterday and Captain B organised Ronald and me and we got it done in good time.  The Captain did the hoovering, I did the loos and emptying the wastepaper baskets, and young Ronald did the rest.
Today I was out on the doors with Audrey and we had a very interesting return visit with a churchgoing lady who seemed unimpressed at first.   But our conversation led me to read her some extracts from Psalm 37, and she said that us turning up on her doorstep today and reading her those verses was (literally) the answer to a prayer.
What a good thing we went!
The Captain and I went for a late afternoon walk by the River Arun -  and there should be some good pics on his blog.
And Anne rang from The Cape, and we got an email from Janie.  She and I lived next door to each other when we were eleven - many, many years ago.

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