Tuesday, 1 February 2011

On the doors with Audrey

Audrey and I were out on the doors this morning - we were starting to deliver the February magazines, not doing the first call work. Audrey couldn't be out too long as she had workmen coming in to fix her windows, and I couldn't walk too far as my ankle (the one I broke) is still bad.

I was making a real pigs ear of parking my car outside the house of the lady with the pretty new agey garden,  and Audrey said worriedly "Is your ankle making driving difficult?"  

I assured her that no, my ankle was fine driving-wise (just difficult walking-wise - it doesn't like me standing up on it at the moment), it was my inability do to things properly in reverse that was causing the parking problems.  Ideally I need a space you could park three double decker buses in.  After what felt like an hour I so, I got it parked, or 'parked'.

It worries me that somewhere, gleaned from all the Big Brother type surveillance cameras they have trained on us night and day, there will be someone extracting The Most Incompetent Parker of The Year for some global competition.  And that one of my parking clips will be up there on the winners podium.

Maggie is not well and had to spend the night in hospital.  We talked on the phone and she said she does hope to be at the Thursday meeting.

Captain B was giving all our floors a good clean and polish with the steam machine when I got back, so it was cheese on toast for lunch as I couldn't get into the kitchen till gone 12.

Dorothy rang from NZ with a quick update and will ring tomorrow morning for a long chat.  More news of people losing their jobs!   We are in for scarey times.  But, as everyone who reads the Inspired Scriptures will know, it is on a Darkest Hour Before the Dawn basis.

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