Thursday, 17 February 2011

On the doors with Maggie

Maggie and I did an hour and half this morning.  It was a beautiful sunny morning - another John Clare February day - but with a cold wind.  Captain B was off on Detector business.

His finds will appear on The Captain's Log in time.  SPOILER ALERT!!  Among them is a squashed thimble.

We had a coffee at Maggie's place when we had finished the work.

We saw Barbara Dickson in Horsham last night.  She was as good as ever - with great musicians - and a good selection of songs - finishing, in a second encore, with Caravans.

Busy April coming up in the congregations.  Its the Memorial of Jesus' death on Sunday the 17th, after sundown.   There will be special field service arrangements all month, so we will all be trying to put in more time on the door to door preaching work.  And we have a one day Assembly in Surrey.

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