Friday, 4 February 2011

So farewell then Inspector Barnaby

We watched the last episode of Midsomer Murders with John Nettles as Barnaby - it neatly segued into an intro to his successor in the last moments - with a great one line description of his first case.  It was set in a new agey sort of health farm where the Barnabys had gone for a weekend.   Dead bodies all over the place, and the usual Midsomer rules applied.  Don't open the door to anyone.  Don't go through any door.  Don't stay in your room/house. Don't ever leave your room/house.  Just don't live there full stop. But, if you must live there, pay attention to the background music!  That could really save your life.

There were some great moments.  I loved the pub, sympathetic to escapees from the Spa's Health and Detox regime, with its Re-Tox menu (steak, chips and a creamy pudding).  And of course I loved John Nettles as Barnaby. And I loved that he was happily married, had a happy family life.  And that they gave him the prospect of a happy retirement.

I also watched a black and white film called "Three Came Home", based on the story of an American woman who, along with her small child, was interned in a Japanese prison camp during WW2.  Her husband was also interned, but in a separate camp.  The title took away the worries that they wouldn't make it, and it was excellent.  And not nasty about anybody either.

I try to avoid the product of modern Hollywood as much as possible.

The meeting last night was wonderful - and I must must must rejoin the Ministry School.  Maggie is not well, but she was there and had saved my seat for me like the heroine that she is.

Jacks and her daughter in law for supper tonight, so I have a cottage pie to make, along with a cauliflower cheese - and will have to shop first.  Did very little yesterday as I was still resting the swollen ankle. It is much better but now my knee has started to rebel.  Scream.

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