Saturday, 12 February 2011


Will I ever be well again - flitting happily from flower to (heavily reinforced) flower, sipping nectar?

In the meantime, as I can't do much, and Captain B has flown off on an outing, I thought I might put one of my poems on the blog. And its no use running for the exits. You will find them locked.

This one was written years ago, in very different weather from today.  I was sitting on some steps leading into the big river that flows through Bangkok (I did use to know its name), stunned by the heat, and the greenness of the river, its floating islands of vegetation, and its fish.

by me 

A blue fish, swimming on the step,
Seeing me, nervously backs off
A turtle, rising out of the green deep,
Stares at me, and swiftly sinks away
worried that I might attempt to hold him
All the thoughts that surface in my head
Melt just as quickly into heat
Before I can stir myself to know them.

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