Saturday, 5 February 2011

The team of Jean and Sue

The team of Jean and Sue set off again this morning through the driving rain... and I have to admit we gave up on our first call work and did return visits.  It was too wet.  Got a call from young Ronald just before I left for the group. He asked me if I could pick him up at the station, and of course I could.

Jackie and her daughter in law came last night.  For a rather bland cottage pie, and lovely panaccotta (Lidl's made that) and a great cheeseboard (via the Arundel deli).  What a lovely girl Ubai is.  And her English is brilliant. Captain B made us coffee afterwards and did his usual efficient clearing up job.

He went off with Jackie and Co this morning to the car boot sale - and came back with a bag of cooking apples - two of which are now in the oven in the form of an apple gingerbread cake.  At least that is what I hope it will prove to be.  Its an odd recipe, in that it uses no eggs, and you put treacle in.  It dawned on me I had no cake to put in his lunch box for tomorrow, so this needs to work.

We got an email from the Oz Branch.  Apparently it is very very hot in Sydney.

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