Saturday, 26 February 2011

Chris Packham Watch

What have I been doing for the last few days?   Think think...  a noise as of two brain cells whirring round a large empty space...    Not feeling well - as usual.  The arthritis is not being treated at the moment, owing to the lung problems the medication caused, so I am feeling very very tired, and in pain.  Whine, whinge.

We went to hear Chris Packham at Horsham on Thursday night - and it was a dark and misty drive back for the valiant Captain.

Chris was an excellent speaker - even better than I had hoped.   He had us laughing, enthused us, and showed us some great photographs, and some funny clips from Spring/Autumn Watch outtakes.

But yet again, what we are doing to the animal creation is so sad.   And if I did not have Jehovah's promise to cling on to, I would be in despair.  He has promised us that He will 'bring to ruin those ruining the earth'.  And none of His promises has ever failed, or ever will.

I went out with Louise in the afternoon and we did nearly an hour and a half of return visits.  We finally found the baking lady at home, and she said she would like me to drop the magazines in every month.

Captain Butterfly is off butterflying again - he is helping to clear woodland rides today, in spite of all my clucking and fluttering (I worry about his back).  And I am off to the Kingdom Hall. We need a bigger Hall now, we are very crowded, and today there is a presentation about that new Hall, and, probably, a time table for the building.

We then hope to get out on the door to door work for an hour or so.  Although in my case that will depend on how well my leg is going to work.

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