Monday, 31 January 2011

Another weekend rushes by

Where is the time going to?  And what did we do?   The girls came round on Friday morning for coffee, cakes and the butterfly programme, but no Ken this time as he is not at all well.   So I had to pick everyone up and drop them off, which got complicated but we managed in the end.
We went to Jackie's in the evening for a roast dinner (pork from The Farm Shop) and met her daughter in law for the first time.  She is over without the children this time.   They are going to come to us next Friday.
Captain Butterfly had a dig on Sunday - he is just researching a halfpenny he found - dated 1807.  I am wondering what you could buy with a halfpenny in those days?   A loaf of bread and a pint of milk?   A house?  The Isle of Wight?  I have no idea.
Jean and I went on the door to door work on Saturday morning and did some return visits.  The wind was icy and we couldn't manage more than an hour.  Jean was frozen.  I started my February magazine route, and hope to continue tomorrow when I am out with Audrey.
I am still busy helping Jan with editing his Guide.
I read a P.D.James this week.  "A Certain Justice" - good thriller - kept me absorbed throughout.  I must go down to the library and see if there are others of hers I haven't read.  My ankle (the one I broke) is bad today, very painful, so I could so with some good reading.

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