Sunday, 16 January 2011

An evening at Tom and Jill's

Jackie, Col and me spent last night with Tom and Jill - over a lovely homecooked dinner.  Jill had made us fish pie and a ricotta tart.  And we started with a glass of champagne!   Their rambling cottage and garden always makes me wonder a bit about flat living - then I think about my arthritis and Col's back and come back down to earth with a thump. We are very happy here, and its practical.  The balcony and the orchid table are about all we can manage now.  But it is a lovely garden - apparently, literally, a field, when they first moved in.
Linda called round for a coffee this afternoon. They have their allotment, all ready for the Spring, but have serious worries about their jobs... These are very difficult economic times.  I can't decide how worried to get about us.
Ronald, Jean, et moi had a lovely Saturday morning out in the field service.  It was cold and rainy so we decided to do return visits, and we each had one very positive experience, even though Jean and I pretty much got my return visit and her husband out of bed!  However they were very nice about it and we had quite a long conversation.

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