Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My enemies have sweet voices

During the first talk at the Circuit Assembly, the Circuit Overseer mentioned a poem called "My enemies have sweet voices" by  Peter Morgan.    The point was, as the Bible says:   “Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light.”—2 Corinthians 11:14

We must resist the spirit of the world, as it tries to persuade us that good is bad and bad is good.   The Hebrew Scriptures warn:   "Woe to those putting bad for good, dark for light, bitter for sweet." - Isaiah 5:20

The urgency of the preaching work was stressed - and I was out on the doors this morning with Audrey, Maggie and Jean.

Our tyre has proved to be a bit of a disaster, as apparently the wheel was damaged too.  It is going to cost rather a lot to fix, although not as much as Ollie the dog has just cost his people after he managed to gulp down a bar of chocolate and had to spend the night at the vets clinic.

Pauline's letter arrived today, en route from NZ via Lilac Tree, and I will send it on to Sheffield when I have replied.  Pauline (and her ex-taxi) came round faithfully every week to take me out for a meal when I was in plaster from my broken leg.   How kind a friend is that?

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