Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The team of Maggie and Sue

Maggie and I were out on the doors this morning, out with our Bibles and our Bible based literature.  Beautiful morning - low sun - calm English Channel - but with a biting cold wind.   We worked with a couple of brothers in a few small streets near the shops.  We didn't find many people in, or much interest.  But at least we went.  We plan to work together again on Thursday.
The Captain and I both had our eye tests yesterday, and both passed.   Though I will need new glasses, and also I had to have two ingrowing eyelashes extracted.  A first for me.  I requested a general anaethestic, but apparently the health service doesn't run to it. Same optician as last time - a young Pakistani Brit - very professional - very steady hands - with a few stern 'keep stills' he managed to get the recalcitrant lashes out.  I hope he will stay around, but he is the sort who will probably move on to a more and more dazzling career in the world of eyes.
The chicken for tomorrow is in its marinade (Jackie is coming for a curry), and Col and I went up to our local for sundowners.  We haven't done that for months and months.  Great to watch the sun set over the river again.
Had a chat with Audrey on the phone, and Col posted our last butterfly calendar to John and Ali, so as I posted a card to them this morning, they will get something from both of us.

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  1. You are the second person in a week who I know who has had to have ingrown lashes removed.... and I've never heard of this before. Hope the procedure went well, and that they do not return!
    Take care, Caroline.