Friday, 7 January 2011

Will I be a moth-er this year?

In our first year of retirement we were adopted by Perry the Plume Moth, and in the second year we hatched out Vic the Vapourer Moth.

Will I have another moth baby this year?

Can I face it all again?  The terrible twos (24 hours of temper tantrums), the adolescent sulks, the trauma of empty nest syndrome as they fly the coop - or out of the window?

Who knows?   But I had better get a layette ready just in case.  So I will knit a couple of phrases that should come in very handy.

Firstly, "You treat this house just like a hotel." in a nice fairisle pattern;  and secondly, "You are not going out dressed like THAT young lady!"  in a soft pink wool.   That should cover most eventualities.

Another wonderful evening of Bible teaching at the Hall last night - sitting next to Maggie once again.  It was such a wet night with foggy car windows and the air full of water vapour even when the rain stopped, but today we have had sunshine.

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